Why It Makes Sense to Buy Auto and Home Insurance from the Same Provider

Types of homeowners insurance

Finding the right insurance for your needs can be something of a challenge. You need a policy that provides the coverage you need, without any extras that you will never use but that will only drive up your premiums. One of the best ways to get a good deal is to get all your policies from the same company, which offers life, home and auto insurance. Depending on where you live, you may need to purchase flood insurance separately, since flood damage is not covered by homeowners insurance.

Does your automobile insurance work for you?
Finding the right insurance can actually be breeze once you pick the right company. You have to do your homework first. Ideally, an insurance agency that has policies for all kinds of vehicles, from cars and pick ups to motor homes to motorcycles, and that can offer comprehensive auto insurance solutions for all the vehicles owned by the family, is the best choice.
You?re looking for policies to provide financial protection against property, liability and medical costs in case of an accident, no matter who is at fault. The most common auto insurance claims are made for fender benders, theft, and whiplash injuries. However, drivers don?t have to file claims all the often, luckily. On average, drivers file auto claims once every 17.9 years.

Combining auto insurance and home insurance policies

Most insurance agencies will give you a good deal if you
decide to consolidate all your policies and buy auto, home and even life insurance from the same provider. You can get comprehensive protection for property and personal liability whether you own or rent your home, apartment or condo.
A number of factors determine the cost of homeowners insurance. The most important of these are:

  • Estimated cost of rebuilding your house
  • How old your home is
  • The fire protection rating for the neighborhood
  • Personal and neighborhood claims history

What does homeowners insurance cover?
Home insurance covers property and personal liability against damage and burglary. Extra protections can include insuring valuables, increasing personal liability limits and flood protection. Flood coverage is not covered by regular homeowners insurance and must be purchased separately.
Many homeowners are not in fact aware that they need to purchase extra protection for their home from damage due to flooding and heavy rains. However, your personal property is insured against burglary.

Home and auto insurance offer protection for yourself, your family and your property in case of some unforeseen accident. Fortunately, these don?t happen frequently, but if they do, the protections offers by your insurance agency are very necessary.