Are You Looking for a New Auto or Home Insurance Plan?

Auto insurance coverage options

The decision about whether or not to use your auto insurance on this claim was a fairly easy one.
The damage to the front lip of the hood of your new car that your husband caused when he was attempting to make his way through a tight space in a parking lot is estimated at just over $900.
The cost of replacing the passenger side view mirror after you misjudged the distance when you backed out of the garage is a little more than $700.
Because the damage was clearly caused by two different events they would need to be submitted as two different events. With a $1000 deductible, an insurance claim simply does not make sense this time. In the past, however, your auto insurance coverage has been a real advantage. When your husband’s car was totaled by a hailstorm, for instance, the auto i Continue reading “Are You Looking for a New Auto or Home Insurance Plan?”