10 Things to Consider Before Doing a Cheap Garage Remodel

A lot of people leave their garages unfinished. Besides protecting their cars, the garage is a storage area for unwanted things, a workshop, and extra space for anything you do not need immediately. Yet, a cheap garage remodel can significantly increase the value of your home. A finished garage can be rented or used as an office when you work from home. Also, it increases the home’s value when selling. Here are a few factors to consider before doing a cheap garage remodel.

Redoing Your Driveway

A preferable activity to undertake when you decide on a cheap garage remodel is a driveway refurbishment. Hire a professional concrete company for the job. The first thing they will do is assess your driveway for age and quality. The older the driveway, the harder it is to refurbish. A redone driveway enhances the appearance of the space outside the garage. A new driveway will match the new garage.

Redoing a driveway involves removing the existing concrete and laying a new layer. The professional you hire should have the know-how or tools for concrete removal services. Then, prepare the driveway for a new layer of concrete. Pour the new layer of concrete onto the ready driveway area.

Redoing your driveway while remodeling your garage allows you to save money. Carrying out the projects at different times would cost more than doing them together. You’ll use the same concrete contractor for both jobs. If the driveway leads to the garage, refurbish it last. After pouring fresh concrete on a driveway, it’ll need a minimum of seven days to cure before it’s ready for use.

Installing a New AC Unit

The contractor you hire for your cheap garage remodel should also have AC experts in the company. Most construction contracting companies have a range of professionals working for them. It allows them to handle as many construction-related tasks as possible. Consequently, the firm can have a stream of projects and profits. If you have a problem with your air conditioning unit, you can ask them to repair it as they remodel your garage.

Often, minor problems cause AC units to stop working. HVAC professionals will inspect the unit, determine the problem and fix it. If the problem is more complicated than expected, they may have to uninstall and repair it. After repairing it, they will reinstall your AC unit and ensure it works correctly.

Having two projects completed simultaneously by the same company makes it more affordable. A working AC unit will also ensure that your remodeled garage maintains the correct standards to live or work. It will provide a proper flow of fresh air to the garage. Depending on the location of your garage, a functional AC unit ensures that the garage does not grow mold on its walls. It also increases the air quality.

Installing a New Garage Floor

Many homeowners without an immediate use for garages leave them with unfinished walls and floors. Therefore, there will be dust and soil in the garage. However, a cheap garage remodel can change the situation. The remodel may involve adding a new concrete floor to eliminate dust and loose dirt from the garage. It may also require smoothing the walls and making them easy to decorate or install drywall.

To ensure that the new concrete floors last, your contractor will apply a layer of garage floor epoxy coatings. Consider epoxy coatings as concrete paint. It’s thicker and more expensive than regular paint. It protects concrete floors from damage and stains. It is easy to wipe and can withstand heat and heavy objects such as your car standing on it. It can last 12 to 20 years before you ever need to reapply it. Therefore, it’s cost-effective and durable.

Apply epoxy coatings on your garage floor in warm weather. It takes up to 12 hours to dry on the floor. Create warning signs to prevent people from entering the garage before the epoxy layer dries. If you undertake your remodeling in cold weather, let the epoxy dry for up to 18 hours. Your contractor will advise on when the garage is ready for use.

Paint on the garage floor lasts three to five years before you have to reapply. Unlike epoxy coatings, ordinary paint will crack upon impact with a heavy item. Epoxy coatings are more expensive than paint. Consider its price in your estimates to avoid surprises when paying your contractor. Epoxy floor coatings are available in many colors to make your garage floor attractive.

Revamping the Electricity

Another overlooked part of the garage is the electricity. The garage may not have electricity. Revamping the electricity is essential during the cheap garage remodel. Your contractor may also have electrical services experts on their team. They will inspect the garage and recommend how to ensure that the electricity in the garage is safe and functional.

Insulation and wiring are some aspects of the garage remodel that fall under electricity services. The first thing an electrician should do is to ensure the correct electrical wiring in the garage. Also, they will ensure that the garage is properly insulated. Professional insulation ensures that the garage is energy efficient and does not lose any power.

After the renovation, a previously powerless garage will have functional switches to light it. Lighting makes the garage inviting and ensures it is safe to use. It also increases its utility as it can have multiple uses.

Renewing Any Rented Equipment

A cheap garage remodel may require that you rent some tools for some of the work. While seeking to save money on the project, you may have to finish some parts of the job yourself before you hire a pro. If you do not have the required tools, you can rent them from a home improvement store. You will pay for equipment rental by the hour. If you need the tools longer than you had agreed, you’ll have to renew the contract or agreement to hire the equipment. It will also cost you more.

However, it’s better to hire a contractor company to handle all aspects of the project. You are likely to save more money by not spending it hiring equipment. Professional contractors come to work with their tools. You do not have to pay for them while they are working on your project. They will charge for their labor, skill, and time they spend working for you. They can use their profits to buy more equipment for their business. When contractors rent additional tools, they must ensure that they pay and return them to the owner in one piece. The longer they hold on to the tools, the more they will pay.

Inspecting Your Roof

Another aspect of your cheap garage remodel to consider is the roof. A roof inspection is best carried out by residential roofing professionals. The contractor you hire may have a roofing expert in their team. Therefore, they’ll check the roof as part of the project. A roof inspection identifies problems and how to solve them.

Strong winds, rain, and sunshine can cause roof damage. Some damage may still be superficial, and its effects are not visible from within the house. The contractor will climb on the roof to carry out the inspection. Only trained and insured contractors should do it. When you have a leaking roof, you may not require roof inspection since the results may be visible on the ceiling.

Depending on the damage, the roofer may recommend a roof replacement or fix the damage with their tools. Where a new roof is required, they will provide you estimates of the approximate cost to purchase a new roof, the roofing materials needed, and the type of roof to buy. The repair of a leaking roof is completed quickly at an affordable cost.

Roofs also change the appearance of a building. You can try a different roofing material for your garage remodeling to enhance its appearance. Further, various roofing materials allow rooms to remain cold even in the hottest summer sun and warm during winter. If you buy a new roof, buy from a seller who offers a guarantee and free after-sale services if you need them.

Removing Pesky Trees

If there are pesky trees around the garage or your home during the cheap garage remodel, hire an arborist. They will inspect the tree and remove it safely. How much it costs to remove a tree depends on its height. The taller the tree, the more you pay for its removal. You can find an affordable tree service online. The trees can be removed or trimmed for safety, appeal, and environmental friendliness.

Removing a tree is a dangerous task best left to professionals. They have tools that make it easier to remove trees safely and protect life and property. The tools needed for tree removal depend on the size of the tree and its location. If the targeted tree for removal is near buildings, the removers will require a lorry or crane with a basket. It will get you high enough to remove branches before starting on the rest of the tree.

For shorter trees, the arborist you hire will not require a crane. They can easily climb the tree and cut off the branches before removal starts. Make sure you have a permit to remove a tree where necessary. Check with your local office if you need a license to remove trees from your compound.

Changing the Locks

When you undertake a cheap garage remodel, you can focus on the neglected components of the garage. One of the most neglected parts of the garage is the locks on your garage door. You will need a commercial locksmith service to inspect and replace your locks. New locks enhance safety for you and your tenant.

Before hiring a locksmith service, check online. Contact and compare several lock service providers if you have one. Compare prices with a minimum of three other locksmith service providers to find the most affordable. Additionally, ensure they have a license to operate a locksmith service enterprise. Changing the locks offers peace of mind. New door locks promote the safety of your garage and your entire home.

Locksmiths offer more than just key and lock services. They can help you change or repair your garage door if necessary. They can also upgrade the door for extra security by installing a biometric system to grant access to the garage. They can also install an advanced security system for your home. A high-quality garage door will complete your cheap garage remodel project.

Cleaning Your Air Ducts

When carrying out a cheap garage remodel, check your air ducts. They may require cleaning to ensure better airflow into the home from the HVAC unit. Air duct cleaning is a job for professionals. It is expensive to replace an air conditioning unit if you damage yours. Without the proper knowledge of air ducts, you are likely to remove essential parts.

Clean air ducts ensure that only clean air gets into the house. How do you know your air ducts are dirty? The air quality in the home changes. It gets stuffy and causes coughs and difficulty breathing. Also, inspect your air ducts for dust and mold. Contact an air duct cleaning service immediately.

To avoid the cost of air duct cleaning, install filters on the hot air supply. Hire a pro for it or DIY. Follow the instructions to ensure you do not block or damage the ducts. Also, ensure proper installation. Any gaps between the air duct and the wall may cause dust accumulation. Carry out annual inspections and maintenance of the air ducts. Hire a pro to do it.

Refreshing Your Space

Once the cheap garage remodel is over, hire a cleaning company to wash the garage. The cleaning company should have experience cleaning construction sites. They must have specialized cleaning chemicals that remove unwanted stains on concrete driveways and epoxy-coated garage floors.

The above ten ways ensure you can save money on your garage remodel. DIY is the ideal way for a cheap garage remodel, only if you have the skills. Without them, ensure to hire a single contractor for the task. Compare several contractors’ services and costs before choosing one to work on your garage project. Also, remember to get all the required permits before starting the project.

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