How does crop insurance work

Ever wondered how crop insurance works? Farming is big business but from time to time things can go wrong and that’s where crop insurance comes in. In a nutshell this video explains the process of making a claim when an unexpected event happens.

For instance,the video shows a fied of corn that has been severely damaged by hail and wind. In that case, an insurance adjuster will visit the farm and inspect for signs of hail damage to assess the extent of the damage. If you already didn’t know, this video points out that hail damage is something that’s typically added on top of your general crop insurance.

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Generally, crop insurance, also known as multiperil insurance, is designed to protect you from various perils. Most people prefer to use revenue protection crop insurance which guarantees you a specific amount of revenue even when disaster strikes. You can also get additional coverage if you want give yourself peace of mind and lower your risk even further.

There are many moving parts when it comes to crop insurance, but this video explans the basics so you can understand your options better. That way, you’ll feel more confident when searching for the right crop insurance quote.


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