Four Tips for Finding the Right Home Insurance Plan

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According to the Insurance Services Office, in 2011, about seven percent of all insured homes made some type of insurance claim. Of that group, about 98% of claims were for property damage and theft, primarily regarding jewelry. But no matter what kind of problems a homeowner is worried about, learning how to shop for homeowners insurance properly is a good idea. Fortunately, there are lots of home insurance tips that they can use while shopping for insurance in order to help them find the right plan.

Determine Insurability

The first step that homeowners should take, before even beginning the process of evaluating certain plans, is finding certain information. Choosing to shop insurance rates properly is impossible without knowing specific facts about a home. For instance, when it was built, how old the plumbing is, the size, and proximity to fire hydrants all make a big difference. Figuring that out might take a while, but it is a necessary first step.

Evaluate Needs

Because every home is unique, and will have different needs, there might not be on insurance plan that is right for all. At times, some homeowners need to make sure that they are protected from floods if they live in low-elevation areas, others might have to worry more about tornado damage. Determining the specific coverage needed is one of the most helpful home insurance tips for homeowners who want to invest in the right policy.

Think About Deductibles

Monthly premiums could vary greatly depending on the needs of a certain home and the deductible. A higher deductible could be beneficial for new homes that are less likely to need repairs, but homeowners need to be careful that they can afford fixes if something goes wrong and they have a high deductible.

Find Discounts

Though it sounds simple, finding places to save money is one of the most valuable home insurance tips that buyers can use. In some cases, there are discounts available for things like a new security system or even age preference policies. Taking the time to get familiar with those discounts can go a long way towards getting the right insurance at a lower cost.

When it comes to home insurance, getting a bit of help is always advantageous. While some will just use homeowners insurance tips online and go from there, others might be able to get better help by talking to a professional insurance agent. Either way, being patient and finding some help could save thousands in the long run.

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