Garage Door Community 1st Charity Drive Winner

Neighborhood Garage Door company Service is the host of the Community First Charity Drive in this video. The video starts with two Neighborhood Garage Door Service employees explaining the charity drive’s raffle. They congratulate everyone who entered the lottery and tell viewers the winner will get $500 for themselves plus a $500 gift to a charity of their choosing.

Video Source

The hosts announce the winner as Patsy Bates from Texas. Her reward money will be delivered to her home by Neighborhood Garage Door Service.
Patsy, a middle-aged lady in a tidy home, beams when the reps deliver flowers and balloons to her door. In her heavy southern accent, she thanks them and expresses her joy at winning the lottery. Her chosen charity is St. Jude, a children cancer research facility. So that’s where the $500 gift will go.
The hosts give Patsy flowers and balloons and take photographs with her. Patsy quips that she’s already told all her pals and will soon post the photos on Facebook. Everyone is pleased as they bid farewell. To urge people to purchase and contribute, the film fades out with ads for Neighborhood Garage Door Service and Community First Charity Drive. The video’s ambience is so inviting that viewers want to learn more and potentially win the next lottery.
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