7 Tips to Getting More Affordable Car Insurance

Everyone knows that you have to have at least the bare minimum of care insurance coverage to legally drive any kind of vehicle. Insurance can get expensive depending on what vehicle you are driving and what your driving history is like. Finding affordable insurance companies in your area can help make insurance coverage more affordable. They can also help you with specific claims or policy needs that you may have.

These pros can help you understand what it takes to add on insurance coverage to your existing plan and how another drive can add to insurance policy coverage. There are plenty of options out there and policies and coverage options exist for pretty much any person, situation or need. It may just take some searching to find the right company and the right policy.

Searching online can show you great results for affordable car insurance for low income families, affordable car insurance for new drivers, and insurance options for those with poor driving records. So, make sure you take the time to do some research, compare rates, and talk to a few local auto insurance companies to see what deals they may have.

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Do you have good car insurance? If you are thinking about getting new car insuramce, you are not alone. You may think there is little to think about besides getting more auto insurance quotes. There is more to finding good insurance than that.

7 Tips to Getting the Best Car Insurance Quotes:

    • Bundle your insurance plans.Do you own a home? Do you rent? If you own a house or have rental insurance you mayt be able to get a disount on your car insurance. Talk to home insurance companies about the rates they charge car owners. When you call or go to a company and ask for auto insurance quotes, ask about how you can bundle all of your insurance polcies together to get more affordable insurance plans.
    • Have you had your insurance for a long time?Before you try to get affordable auto insurance from a new company, talk to your current provider. Ask if they have any discounts for customers who have been with the company a long time. They may not give you new auto insurance quotes that are better than what you are paying now but they cannoy say “yes” if you do not ask the question.
    • Be a safe and cautious driver./strong>Speeding tickets can increase your car insurance costs. The same goes for accidents or driving under the influence. If you are a very safe driver, bring your driving record with you when you do looking for auto insurance quotes. It is easy to get the report from the Department of Motor Vehicles and cannnot hurt anything.
  • Ask about plans with higher deductibles.If you need to asve money on your car insurance and feel like you live in a safe area, when asking about auto insurance quotes, ask about the plans with higher deductibles. This will mean you have to pay more if and when you are in an accident but can lead to lower insurance payments. You should know that car insurance deductibles are not managed the way health insurance deductibles work.
  • Look for discounts that might not be obvious.Some companies offer discounts for a host of things from taking defensive driving classes to telecommunting several days a week. Other savings can come from buying your car insurance through a discount program. Look online for more obscure savings in unusual places. Look online for discounts and plans that might not be listed. Some colleges have discounted car insurance for members of their alumni association, for instance. It can be worth it to spend some time online looking for a variety of ways to save money on your auto insurance.
  • Be careful about adding teenagers to your plan.If you are a two car family, it might be hard to add a third car to the policy if that is for your child’s car. People under 25 are typically given the highest insurance rates out there and many companies will not always believe that the only vehicle your teen will drive is the one you bought for them. Talk to your insurance carrier when you are thinking about buying a car for your kid’s 16th buirthday.
  • Get coverage for uninsured motorists.This is for what will happen should you be in an accident with a driver who does not have any insurance or who is “underinsured.” This will cover you even if you are just walking down the street when the accident happens. The Insurance Research Council has said that as many as 16% of drivers on the road today have either no insurance or not enough. When asking around for auto insurance quotes, ask about these kinds of policies. These plans can be very important even if you are not in an accident with someone who does not have adequate insurance.
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ff you drive, you need to have auto insurance. While it can be a pain in the butt, it does feel better knowing that the other drivers on the road have to have insurance so it you are in an accident. The good news is that it is very possible to lower your car insurance costs while maintaining the coverage you need. If you are careful and spend some time doing your research, you should find a good plan that you can live with.