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Are You Looking for a New Auto or Home Insurance Plan?

Auto insurance coverage options

The decision about whether or not to use your auto insurance on this claim was a fairly easy one.
The damage to the front lip of the hood of your new car that your husband caused when he was attempting to make his way through a tight space in a parking lot is estimated at just over $900.
The cost of replacing the passenger side view mirror after you misjudged the distance when you backed out of the garage is a little more than $700.
Because the damage was clearly caused by two different events they would need to be submitted as two different events. With a $1000 deductible, an insurance claim simply does not make sense this time. In the past, however, your auto insurance coverage has been a real advantage. When your husband’s car was totaled by a hailstorm, for instance, the auto i

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What Age is “too Young” to Start Thinking About Insurance?

Short term health insurance in az

Growing up, you may have thought, “oh, I’m too young for this” on many occasions. In the past, you may have felt that you were too young at the time to do things like pay your own bills or have a gym membership. There are so many things you may feel like you have to wait for in life, but what about the things you shouldn’t put off?

You’ve heard of the common saying, “You’re never too young to prevent wrinkles.” The same concept goes for insurance. It is widely thought that insurance is just for older people who have kids and full-time jobs. However, that isn’t the case. If you’re in your twenties and have a full-time job, looking into insurances should be a priority. Here are some commonly asked questions that young adults may have regarding what to do and why these things are needed.

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